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The Learning Management System for Everyone
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   The TOPYX Difference   

  • Provide a more engaging learning experience
  • Deliver training ROI and productivity results
  • Highly configurable for your needs
  • No per user or bandwidth fees

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LMS Solutions
    Learning Management Solutions
    learning management system
    Easy to use learning management system



    Common Problem:
    Our users need a simple and intuitive
    interface to get to the items they need.



    TOPYX Solution: Easy-to-use interface gets learners on the right learning path quickly and independently.

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    best value learning management system



    Common Problem:
    User fees, storage fees and other variable costs are limiting our learning program's adoption.



    TOPYX Solution: For a low, flat annual subscription, you can get everyone involved without increasing your budget.

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    social learning management system



    Common Problem:
    We want an online learning environment to facilitate interaction and informal learning.



    TOPYX Solution: Our award-winning LMS has integrated social learning tools to create an engaging online learning experience where users can collaborate and share information.

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    learning management system reporting



    Common Problem:
    We need to be able to easily track and report on the performance of our learning initiatives.



    TOPYX Solution: Access the data you need with within TOPYX; you can export information, schedule emailed reports and see key performance indicators on a your dashboard.

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    highly configurable learning management system



    Common Problem:
    We need to be able to customize
    areas of an LMS for our needs.



    TOPYX Solution: TOPYX was designed to be highly configurable so you can deliver a unique, branded and professional online learning experience that meets your goals.

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    learning management system API SSO integration



    Common Problem:
    We need an LMS that integrates with our current set of mission-critical, legacy software.



    TOPYX Solution: We provide Single Sign-on (SSO) and API options to easily connect your instance of TOPYX with the necessary systems.

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    easy learning management system administration



    Common Problem:
    We need an LMS, but do not want
    to add more work to our over-taxed staff.



    TOPYX Solution: We offer a fully hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, so no new IT resources are required. We can provide professional services to help administer your LMS.

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