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Improve the return on your training investment

  • ROI Calculator

    How Can TOPYX Improve Your Return on Training Investment?

    The ROI calculator below shows just how much you can save by using the award-winning training and collaboration features of TOPYX.
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    • Airfare $319 US Bureau of Transportation Statistics
    • Hotel $196 Hotel Price Index™ business hotel plus 10% occupancy/sales tax
    • Ground $100 Ground transportation (shuttle, car rental, etc) and parking
    • Meals $46 US Government Services Administration per diem meal rates in contential USA

    (a) Does not include cost of instruction, material or administration to plan for event
    (b) Assumes normal usage of bandwidth and storage. Optional courseware is not included.
    (c) Does not include loss productivity or quality of life benefits in connection with being out of office/town and traveling

  • Use the LMS ROI calculator to see how you can save with the TOPYX social LMS solution.

    TOPYX is a learning management system that is easy to use and easy on your bottom line.

    TOPYX is a complete, hosted, award-winning LMS that won’t break the bank. It’s a award-winning, flexible platform that can scale to businesses, associations, academic departments and eCommerce needs of any size, and gives administrators a powerful set of tools to manage it all.

    See more information about the importance of calculating the ROI of an LMS.

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    We can help you achieve your learning management program goals, while increasing your training ROI.

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