Government LMS

Increase participation and collaboration

Choose the right LMS for government needs.

You need to increase participation, engagement and the ability to share information within your learning program that does not waste critical budget funds. You need a solution that will help you with one or more of the following:

  • Managing rapidly changing information and training requirements
  • Lack of in-house IT staff to leverage new technologies
  • Consistent training tools that are easy to use and administer
  • Just keeping everyone on the same page

The right learning management system (LMS) for government agencies can help you overcome all of these issues so you can focus your resources on making a difference. TOPYX can help you reach your goals just like other agencies that have already chose TOPYX a their LMS solution:


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Government LMS

Why do government agencies choose TOPYX?

TOPYX social LMS has been chosen by all different types of government agencies, from municipalities to large federal programs, to help them reach their training, collaboration and communication goals. Here’s why TOPYX is an ideal choice:

  • We are registered with the General Service Administration’s (GSA) system for Award Management (
  • Fully hosted, easy to use social learning management system that will support your mission without adding IT infrastructure.
  • LMS features: Content sharing, certification management, calendaring, reporting, profiles, easy user and administration tools, and more
  • Flat fee subscription. Unlimited users – no user fees – ideal for keeping everyone involved without prohibitive fees
  • Create groups based off of user classes to keep the right information accessible to the right people.
  • Secure access to protect your content and provide access to the right users. Single Sign-on (SSO) options available as well.
  • Easy offer TOPYX in different languages to accommodate your multi-language needs
  • Integrated eCommerce that connects with
  • Award-winning solution with high client retention rates and a dedicated customer service staff to assist you.

TOPYX is available as a flat fee subscription that provides unlimited usersunlimited bandwidthunlimited customer service,  free implementation and more. We can have your branded and secure platform working for you in just a few weeks. Learn more about why TOPYX is the right solution for your government organization and all of the award-winning features of TOPYX in action. Request a free, personal LMS demo.