LMS for Healthcare

This won't hurt a bit

Learning management projects in healthcare industries turn to TOPYX® LMS for all of their needs.

It is critical that all the members of healthcare teams are on the same page and have the training they need. Make learning management easier and more engaging. You need a solution that will help you with one or more of the following:

  • Certification and learning path management
  • Access to the right content and materials on-demand
  • Coordinating geographically separated teams
  • Comprehensive reporting that is readily available
  • Easy user management and self-directed learning

The right learning management system (LMS) for any healthcare organization can make the difference in how the entire organization operates.

Many healthcare institutions choose TOPYX as their LMS. Here are a few:

Baylor Healthcare

This hospital system uses two instances of TOPYX for EHR (electronic health record) training and the Center for Learning Innovation and Practice to distribute appropriate content to patients and practitioners.

Access Community Health
TOPYX will be the eLearning platform for annual compliance training its “clinical ladders” nursing, staff and medical assistant – approximately 1,000 in total.

Edwards LifeSciencesTOPYX is used to deliver critical care clinical marketing and professional education to this global leader in the science of heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring. .

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Canada’s federal funding agency for health research is composed of 13 institutes and supports 14,100 health researchers and trainees across Canada that use TOPYX.

ARIAD Pharmaceuticals

This global oncology company developing breakthrough cancer medicines, including various forms of chronic and acute leukemia, lung and other cancers uses TOPYX for sales training.


The leading provider of EHR software for the eye care community, dedicated to improving workflow and processes for ophthalmic practices use their TOPYX platform for client training.

 Why do healthcare organizations choose TOPYX?

  • Fully hosted, easy to use social learning management system.
    • LMS features: Content sharing, calendaring, reporting, profiles, easy administration tools, no additional IT staff needed
  • Flat fee subscription. Unlimited users – no user fees – ideal to get all of necessary learners access to the content they need without license hassles 
  • Create groups based off of teams,level of caregiver, location or other learner characteristics. Have the ability to report on these groups separately or collectively.
  • Branded and secure to support your look, feel and message.
  • Easy offer TOPYX in different languages to accommodate your language needs
  • Highly configurable: use TOPYX as an internal training and collaboration platform, an external patient outreach platform, sales training and much more.
  • Award-winning solution with high client retention rates and a dedicated customer service staff to assist you.

With TOPYX, we offer a flat fee subscription that provides unlimited usersunlimited bandwidthunlimited customer service and free implementation. We can have your branded and secure platform working for you in just a few weeks. Make an easy decision and see all of the award-winning features of TOPYX in action. Request a free, personal LMS demo.