LMS Basics

New to learning management systems?

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Learning Management System? What’s that?

Good place to start. Wikipedia defines a learning management system (LMS) as:

“A software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs, classroom and online events, e-learning programs, and training content.”

What that means is that the right learning management solution can help you better reach your goals whether they are focused on continuing education, eLearning availability, synchronous or asynchronous learning, mobile learning, certification programs, or even eCommerce and more, learning management systems are designed to provide the features you need to make sure your unique learning goals are met and a positive ROI is achieved.

Is a learning management solution right for my organization?

If you have or are looking to build any form of training and knowledge sharing efforts within your organization, a learning management system may be just what you are looking for to easily and affordably get that program where you need it to be.

TOPYX social LMS is a valuable learning solution for companies, academic departments, associations, municipalities and eCommerce needs of any size, anywhere in the world.

Is a learning management system expensive?

Most LMS software is very expensive.

However, TOPYX social LMS provides a complete, easy-to-use learning management solution with unlimited users, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited customer service and free implementation for a low, flat annual subscription.
See our straight-forward pricing video.

Will my content work with TOPYX?

TOPYX social LMS is SCORM certified and can deploy just about all major document, audio and video file types.

What features makes TOPYX social LMS different than others?

We already covered SCORM certification and the low, flat subscription pricing of TOPYX, so here are a few more items you should know beyond the traditional learning management system features:

  • Award-winning social learning tools
    • Profiles
    • Blogs
    • Chat
    • Events
    • Calendaring
    • Much more…
  • Easily assign permissions
  • Reporting to monitor performance
  • Available in many languages

There’s much more that makes TOPYX an unmatched LMS value. Check out our LMS features page and the tech spec pdf for more specific details.

I have unique learning management needs. Is your LMS customizable?

TOPYX social LMS can easily be set-up to give you the features and the branding you need.

Many of the award-winning features you can find in TOPYX can be easily turned off or on with a single click.

TOPYX is designed to be YOUR learning portal. Use your logos, colors and take advantage of marketing tile areas where designed content can be included to communicate your message.

How long would it take to implement our own instance?

You can have a your own LMS up and running in about 3 weeks. This depends on your response times and customization needs.

Remember, we do not charge anything additional for implementation.

What if I need someone to manage the LMS?

Don’t worry about it.  TOPYX offers a professional services program that is available to help you with anything you may need to help you reach your learning goals.

If you just need help hitting a launch schedule or if you want a complete, turn-key LMS management solution, we can help with that.

If interested, read more about LMS professional services.

How do I get started?

That’s easy. Request a free, personal LMS demo today! We will reach out and set up a time to conduct a webinar that fits your schedule.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your interest in the social learning management system, TOPYX.