Easy Administration

It just takes a few clicks to manage

We have made TOPYX incredibly easy to administer and manage.

LMS Easy To Use

Spend less time with needless administration of your learning management system.

TOPYX was built to be easily managed: No IT knowledge needed, no coding, no confusing or wasteful processes. Most of the award-winning features of TOPYX can be controlled by selecting or selecting a check-box. Yes, it’s that easy.

You can upload user details, access key reporting, add/remove access to community features and much more in an intuitive dashboard of available options. Adding subjects, communities and course material is right at your fingertips.

We provide detailed training, access to a dedicated customer service account team and a User Guide to help you with anything you may need to do.

See how TOPYX makes learning administration easy:

Here are some of the key administration features within TOPYX:

Dashboard Administration

Easy to use dashboard

Access all of the administration features you need can be found quickly in intuitive groupings on the dashboard.


Import and Export

Import, export and more

Sharing information is very important for a successful learning program. Easily import, export and process the files you need to be active within TOPYX.


Manage Settings

Manage site settings

Managing your system takes just a click or two to make sure the learning environment has the right configuration. It’s that easy.


Add Subjects

Add subjects and materials

As subjects and courses change, you need a system that can adapt  without causing any headaches.


Manage Users

Control user sign-in options

Get the data you need to qualify and manage new users that you will bring into your learning platform.


We are here to help overcome your learning management challenges. There are a lot more LMS features we would like to show you that are designed to keep the administration of TOPYX as easy as possible.