LMS Reporting

Robust reporting tools you need

Be a hero. Use the right LMS reporting tools.

LMS Reporting

Pull data on user activity, site performance and other pertinent information. Reports can be emailed or exported in Excel or PDF format, so that communicating vital facts to your executives, teams and direct reports is easy and intuitive.

Powerful reporting options are standard within your MyTOPYX® instance and additional reporting tools are provided through Google Analytics.


Intuitive data management

TOPYX social LMS has been built with the reporting features necessary to easily view, manipulate and export data.  Best of all, the charting tools will help you save time and effort, while being a hero.

All of the reporting tools are designed help you easily get at the critical data you need.

See how TOPYX has robust reporting features:

Dashboard Reporting

Use the dashboard

Custom dashboard option to give you a quick and easy view into your most critical reporting data


Schedule reports

Schedule reports

Easily set up reports to run at a designated time (or reoccurring) and email out to groups you assign.  You can customize the email content, the format of the attached report and much more.


Advanced Reports

Reports you need

Registration, completion, certification, report card, course progress and many, many, many more…


Google LMS Reporting

Google Analytics integration

Get even more insight into your learning program usage with the Google Analytics integration that TOPYX provides.


Mobile Reporting

Mobile access to reports

Stay connected anywhere you may be by getting your reports on any device.


TOPYX has been recognized by some of the training industry’s highest awards for our reporting features.