Mobile Learning

Learning whenever, wherever with just about any device

Mobile learning access is easy with TOPYX.

Mobile Learning

There is a lot of value to having a learning management system that you can have users access the content they need wherever they need to, on any device, wherever they may be. You can access TOPYX from any web-enabled device with a full browser. This means that you can easily access valuable training and collaboration materials from your desktop or on the go with mobile devices, including  iPhone, iPads, Android devices, and other phones and tablets

This is because TOPYX is a hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to provide you a mobile learning solution that is easy-to-use. Your information is protected and stored securely on dedicated servers that are designed to deliver reliable uptime and plenty of bandwidth. Your unique instance is kept completely separate and secure. The array of cloud servers are organized to deliver you the best mobile learning experience possible.

Mobile LearningThe mobile learning solution that TOPYX provides as part of your subscription allows you to deliver a professional and easy-to-use online learning environment

Keep your learning materials secure and provide easy access to your user’s fingertips.