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How to Form Bonds in eLearning Communities

Online Learning Community 1

Relationships do not form overnight. Many factors come into play before two or more people consider themselves close. Usually, they have common interests, similar passions, and spend a lot of time together. While online environments make it possible for people to meet, it is harder to form relationships in this type of setting. Nevertheless, when companies establish learning management systems (LMSs) they do so with hopes that their employees will develop communities throughout their training sessions. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to establish profound relationships in online environments. This devastates the lofty dreams of companies and sometimes jeopardizes business. In a study that focuses on the role of community in online learning success, it is said, “This lack of … Continue Reading »

The Promise of Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Online learning is quickly becoming essential. It is efficient, economical and the best way for businesses to remain relevant in a changing world. As technology advances at breakneck speeds, a company’s approach to operations needs to advance, too. When it comes to training, those that have not instituted eLearning courses may already be falling behind. Blended learning is a term that describes the type of online training system many companies currently have in place. It refers to training that is conducted both online and face to face. In blended learning, classroom sessions are complimented by online activities and assignments. These types of learning initiatives are successful because eLearning adds a sense of dynamism that classrooms can’t offer. Online curriculum can … Continue Reading »

6 Ways Instructors Embrace Learning Management Systems

Instructor LMS

It is easy to say that software makes online learning possible, but this does not take into account the people behind successful training. In reality, instructors can make or break online learning experiences. Even with a state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS) in place, the training will not be effective if the instructor is absent. More often than not, trainers are happy to embrace LMSs because they see them as valuable tools for moving the learning process forward. For instructors who want to make the most of training with online platforms, here are six ways to fully utilize LMSs: Establish expectations – It is important for the instructor to layout goals of the course, expectations he or she has and the … Continue Reading »

LMS Increases Quality Business Management in Franchises

LMS Franchisees Business Management

Many business owners dream of starting companies that can serve all people. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal target market for most products and services. But some entrepreneurs don’t adhere to this warning. To make their dreams reality, business institutions use franchise business models. Building and sustaining a franchise requires hard work and problem solving. These businesses need to create effective communication channels between storefronts and headquarters. More so, they are responsible for providing training material to all employees and supporting franchise owners. To streamline training and communication, franchise organizations look to cloud-based management software, and more specifically, learning management systems (LMS). This type of platform offers a cost effective approach to multiplying business efforts. Cost Effective Communication Channels Before … Continue Reading »

Cast Your 2014 Best of Elearning! Vote for TOPYX Social LMS

Best of Elearning 2014

It is that time of year! Time to vote for TOPYX® social LMS for the 2014 Best of Elearning! award. Vote now – all votes must be in before May 1, 2014. Since 2004, The Best of Elearning! and Elearning! Media Group has honored more than 300 products and services nominated by more than 25,000 executives.  TOPYX has been an award winner for many years and we would like to bring home the award for 2014! That is why we need your help. Below are the categories most appropriate for TOPYX to receive your vote (you can vote for all three categories, not just one): B.  Best Overall Learning & Workplace Technology Solution. 1.  Best Learning Management System (SaaS, Cloud-Based, or … Continue Reading »

Icing On The LMS Cake: Customizable, Automatic Reports

LMS Reporting

Companies count more than dollars and cents to prove their success. They measure many aspects of business like sales, marketing, customer service and employee productivity, too. Compiling different reports can be time consuming and tedious. In the fast paced business world there is no time to tally up this information by hand. It needs to be updated constantly and easy to access at any time. Benefits of Automatic Reporting Systems Every company ought to consider the benefits of having an automatic reporting system. This may involve keeping track of social media sharing statistics for marketing purposes. Or, tracking milestones employees reach as they accomplish company training programs. When manually keeping track of data reporting, it is essential that companies take … Continue Reading »

LMS Training Keeps Nurses on Front Lines of Medicine

LMS Training Nurse

Learning management systems (LMSs) are becoming essential tools to the medical community. When it comes to the nursing profession, there is a constant need to stay up-to-date with certifications and coursework. This training is essential for the health of their patients and needs to be implemented right away. But when the learning is over, what if a nurse has trouble remembering new procedures? Many medical institutions use learning management systems as tools for training, as well as database storage, among other things. With such a platform it is simple to compile all the material that is distributed in training sessions and organize recordings of web conferences. This makes it possible for nurse practitioners to go back to their resources post … Continue Reading »

Small Businesses Invest in Online eLearning Tools

Small Business Online eLearning

Small businesses find much of their value lies in human capital. Employees can be their greatest assets. When employees have the tools to collaborate with one another, big things happen. Collaboration can fuel growth. Small businesses count on the teamwork of a few people to fulfill great demands. Because a number of teams collaborate online more than anywhere else, small businesses need to connect their employees in ways that promote idea generation and communication. In seeking solutions, small businesses turn to cost effective, comprehensive online eLearning tools that promote social connectivity and can be accessed from anywhere. Free Programs Won’t Do Free social networks make it easy to connect with friends and family members but only play a limited role … Continue Reading »

Social Learning Management Systems for Everyone

Social LMS for Everyone

Businesses are demanding more from their learning management systems, and why shouldn’t they? A system originally created for administrators proves to multiply in benefits when embraced by all employees. Learning management systems (LMSs) have been catering to the administration side of business for some time now. While it fulfills essential but rudimentary needs like data collection, data tracking and hosting training curriculum, there is a strong push for LMSs to offer more than basic tools. After all, technology is available to all employees and LMS features could be useful at every level of business. LMS providers that anticipated this trend have created software to emphasize social collaboration. Better known as social learning management systems, such platforms continue to simplify administration tasks while hosting … Continue Reading »

Onboarding Made Easy: Initiate New Hires with an LMS


An onboarding process can make or break a business. New hires with high potential are great additions to any team, but unless they are appropriately assimilated into the workplace it can be hard for them to hit the ground running. With a thorough employee initiation plan, a company can ensure its workforce is happy, informed and equipped from the start. Onboarding processes vary depending on the size and mission of a business. For instance, a small service provider is going to approach onboarding differently than a large product distributor. However, a few important aspects of this initiation period seem to be the same everywhere. Points of importance may include: Introduce operation tools Organize paperwork and understand filing systems Answer questions … Continue Reading »