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Employees and Employers Agree, Social LMS Wins

Employees Social LMS

Many employers act as if social media is a virus that could cause employees to be absent(minded) from work. When social media networks like Facebook came on the scene in 2006, employers did not know what to make of the new phenomenon. It was easy to assume that socializing during work prevented employees from accomplishing critical tasks. Now that social media has been around for many years, a new truth is coming to light: social networking may benefit workplaces. One school of thought as to the benefits of social media in the workplace says it is good for employees to take short breaks from work. It is believed that checking Facebook or Twitter during these break times allows employees to … Continue Reading »

Can a Public Sector LMS Make a Difference?

LMS for Public Sector Knowledge Management 1

It can be said that public sector holds the key to society’s overall wellbeing. This is why local, state, and national agencies are constantly creating new legislation that can protect people and create communities that function well. In a changing world, new bills identify problems the public faces and proposes solutions. When government agrees with these realities, they pass bills and create laws that maintain order in society. This system has worked well for years, and may be aided by new technology. When considering the needs of numerous people, public sector offices need a system that can contain large amounts of information. Knowledge management systems are invaluable to public sector agencies of all sizes. Below are reasons why government offices … Continue Reading »

Companies Innovate and Thrive with LMS Tools

LMS innovation

Companies thrive when they create innovative products and services. By fulfilling consumer needs with out-of-the-box solutions, companies create revenue streams that fuel business activity and fund future innovation. In writing, this may seem simple, but most companies know how long it takes to put an idea in motion. A product or service creation process may include brainstorming ideas, creating design strategies, developing prototypes, testing target markets, reviewing final deliverables and, finally, sales. Creating and selling a new product or service is a large amount of work for any organization, especially one that relies on the collaboration of workers and contractors from around the world. To carry out such a project, tools for communication, training, information sharing, and eCommerce need to … Continue Reading »

LMS Helps Public Sector Stride into Campaign Season

LMS Government Election

Political campaign season is upon us. With mid-term elections in full swing and presidential campaigns around the corner, everyone is focusing on the public sector. What do you hope your constituency sees when they look to you and your office? Effective organizational systems? Proper account management? Complementary spoken and written communication? Strong teams of passionate and knowledgeable individuals? These are admirable goals for any organization—especially a public sector entity—but they cannot be achieved overnight. Government offices need to be diligent in seeking these goals by using tools that can train employees and volunteers. It is common for public sector agencies to use technology to help organize teams and equip individuals. Oftentimes, learning management systems (LMSs) are incorporated because they offer … Continue Reading »

LMS Ensures Low Training Costs for Big Business

LMS Training Costs for Big Business 1

It is easy to romanticize the concept of big business. After all, large institutions with global reign operate on million dollar budgets and produce wealthy executives. However, with large revenues come extensive costs. One of the greatest costs big businesses assume is training employees. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), in 2004 the average cost of training a single employee was $955 and rising. Therefore, a company that needs to train one thousand employees can anticipate spending more than one million dollars on training. Big Business Seeks Low Training Costs Many big businesses have large training budgets but still look for ways to “trim the fat.” Some find that using up-to-date technology can decrease the cost and … Continue Reading »

LMSs Offer Affordable Social Media Options for Nonprofits

LMS Social Media for Nonprofits

Contrary to popular belief, social media is not free. This is especially true when using it for marketing purposes. No entity knows this better than a nonprofit organization. Many nonprofits are present on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. One of the biggest draws of such a marketing strategy seems to be upfront cost. However, even though it takes no money to create a social media account, dollars must be spent if nonprofits want to acquire new fans and followers. In fact, according to the Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report, on average, a nonprofit can expect to pay $3.50 for a Facebook Like and $2.05 for a Twitter follower. While nonprofit organizations cannot avoid spending money on marketing, they … Continue Reading »

TOPYX LMS Wins 2014 Chief Learning Officer Award

CLO Winner Social Learning Management

We are pleased to announce that TOPYX® learning management system has been recognized with the 2014 Chief Learning Officer Learning In Practice bronze award for the Excellence in Social Learning category for the social LMS solution provided for our client, Medflow. See the full list of 2014 award winners. Medflow, located in Charlotte, NC, is the developer of an electronic health record (EHR) solution designed specifically for the Eyecare industry. Their software solution is installed in over 550 practices nationwide and is being used by over 2,800 eye care physicians to service over 70,000 daily patient visits.  Medflow’s training process is designed to get users proficient within days, and as a result, the company has the highest rate of successful implementation in the industry. … Continue Reading »

With An LMS, It’s Easy For Nonprofits To “Go Mobile”

Nonprofit LMS

We understand that readers of the Social Learning Blog use different technologies to access our weekly posts. Many of you consume our articles on laptops; others opt to read posts on your phones; some of you follow us from tablets. Regardless of the exact medium you use to access our blog, there is a good chance that mobile technology makes the connection possible. It seems like everyone is going mobile. More so, it seems like the transition to mobile technology happened overnight. In a short time, people adopted small, portable, handheld devices, causing businesses and organizations to quickly create mobile-friendly applications, websites, and content. Unfortunately, some organizations are finding it hard to keep up. Even though many nonprofits know how … Continue Reading »

Associations Put Members Online with eLearning Systems

Associations eLearning Systems

How is your association faring in the era of cheap and easy communication? Many associations earn revenue from membership applications and participation. By offering learning courses, social functions, credible resources, and networking opportunities, associations connect people who share professional goals and common interests. Unfortunately, in the first decade of the 21st century, because of a sluggish economy and technological advancements, members of professional and interest-based associations seemed to turn towards free social media outlets to feed their hunger for learning and socializing. As a result, fee-based associations scrambled to find ways to entice and satisfy members so they could continue collecting dues. Today, the faces of membership associations are evolving. While the fee-based membership model remains, opportunities for learning and … Continue Reading »

TOPYX Topics – Social Learning Newsletter – September 2014

Social Learning Newsletter

This newsletter, highlighting some of the best content from our Social Learning Blog, will be sent via email monthly and posted on the blog page. If you want to see relevant, interesting articles in your inbox every month, just sign up for the newsletter with the form on the right-hand side of this page. Enjoy this month’s Social Learning Newsletter! Interactyx Earns the no. 790 spot of the 2014 Inc. 5000 List Interactyx, the developer of TOPYX, the award-winning learning management system (LMS), earned a spot on the 2014 Inc. 5000 list. For achieving 579% revenue growth over a three-year period, Interactyx ranks no. 790 on this prestigious list of America’s fastest growing private companies. Interactyx is the only LMS … Continue Reading »