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Teaching Trainers to Create Effective Online Training

Online eLearning Training

The title of lifelong learner is like a badge of honor worn by company trainers. They love to learn almost as much as they love to teach. Trainers are often on the frontlines of industry standards and can be found poring over procedural updates before official copies are released. They take their duties to educate and inform seriously and, in effect, ensure employees receive the material they need to thrive in their chosen professions. However, at this time, trainers are also in need of furthering their education. As eLearning begins to dominate the corporate education scene, trainers are entering the throes of unfamiliar territory. Beyond keeping up-to-date with training technology, they are finding it necessary to embrace a whole new … Continue Reading »

Small, Medium, Large Businesses Enter into eLearning Orbit

eLearning Space

The universe is larger than we can wrap our brains around, yet we know there is order within the galaxies. Look at Earth’s solar system as an example. Within the Milky Way there are a number of planets that coexist, all rotating the sun. However, the planets are vastly different. For instance, some absorb the sun’s energy as a source of life, while others barely receive its rays. Similarly, on Earth the business world can seem as expansive as space sometimes. After all, business spans the globe today; it involves several types of industry; and it is made up of companies of all sizes. Small, medium and large businesses advance their unique missions and, as a result, keep the world … Continue Reading »

Can Imagination Enhance eLearning Efforts?

Enhance eLearning Efforts

It goes without saying that structure is ingrained in each of us. Have you ever thought about how structure has helped you grow and develop in every stage of life? At young ages, our parents set mealtimes, naptimes and bedtimes. Then, many of us entered the traditional school system, where, from 8am – 3pm each day, we followed the predictable schedule set for us by teachers and the administration. Yes, most of us know and respond well to structure, but this doesn’t mean structure is always the best thing for us. Structure is necessary for businesses to thrive, organizations to operate, and governments to be effective, but like all things, structure is best in moderation. Sometimes, we need to have … Continue Reading »

Training Internal and External LMS Users

Training Internal and External LMS Users

Here is a wild assumption: you are probably planning to implement a Learning Management System (LMS) so people in your company, organization or association can use it for training, work and communication purposes. Unfortunately, upon launch you may find that colleagues and co-workers are not quick to embrace the LMS. If this occurs, keep in mind that a little training is all you need to overcome such a hurdle. The Value of Training LMS Users It is easy to take LMS training for granted. After all, everyone and their mothers know how to interact with online programs. However, just because your LMS users spend much of their time on social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, they may not understand … Continue Reading »

Is it Time to Change Tracks with Your LMS?

Time to Change Tracks with Your LMS

eLearning is more than a buzzword; it is an industry that is worth nearly $100 billion. This is a huge accomplishment for the business sector that didn’t earn its current name until 1998. In less than 20 years, the eLearning industry has experienced high speed growth thanks to technological advancements (making eLearning programs accessible anywhere at any time); online training courses (which are more responsive and interactive than ever before); and the cost-effective nature of overcoming physical divides by establishing training and communication centers online. Today, the eLearning industry seems unstoppable. There is only one caveat: not all eLearning programs are successful. Companies and organizations sometimes feel disillusioned when they try to tap into the secrets of eLearning success. Time … Continue Reading »

Why Employee Training Fails, How eLearning Ensures Success

eLearning Ensures Success

Employee training has been praised as one of the best ways to bolster business success. In 2006, the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) stated, “Employee learning and development is taking center stage as business leaders increasingly understand that a highly skilled, knowledgeable workforce is critical to achieving growth and success.” Little has changed since this statement was made and several thriving companies agree that effective employee training fosters achievement. But employee training has become an increasingly broad concept, especially since the advent of eLearning. Training no longer requires employees be placed in a windowless classroom for two days each year so they can become recertified in their areas of expertise. Modern training tactics replace or compliment proven classroom … Continue Reading »

What eLearning Trends will Pop, Flop and Flip in 2015?

Pop eLearning

Standing at the onset of a new year, we wonder how the next 12 months will unfold for the eLearning industry. So much can happen in this short time. In fact, in less than one-year fads come and go. For instance, virtual worlds – which seemed to be the “next big thing” seven years ago – is virtually unheard of today, but on the horizon, gamification shows to be growing strong. Similarly, mobile learning has been forecasted to be all the rage for how many years now? Yet businesses are still reluctant to produce eLearning materials for mobile devices, says Dr. Allen Partridge, Adobe’s senior eLearning evangelist. From where we stand today, all we truly know is that 2015 will … Continue Reading »

Change Your LMS. Stop Paying User Fees.

No user fees 1

You are looking to the future needs of your learning program. You need the right systems in place to help you train the new hires coming onboard and you need to provide training the current staff needs. You need to show more results for your learning program investment with less budget dollars available. This is no easy task. Yet, many departments responsible for the training of employees are facing this very situation. Adding more ‘seats’ will add to the costs and the time it takes to make sure everyone has a license to access the legacy learning management system (LMS) consumes too much valuable time that should be spent elsewhere. In 2014, a study was conducted by Elearning! Media Group … Continue Reading »

First Goal of Onboarding: Learn the LMS

Onboarding Learn the LMS

What is your first goal of the onboarding process? For many employees, the onboarding process is the first phase of a happy, long career. In fact, an effective onboarding program could very well affect an employee’s long-term experience with the company. More so, an effective onboarding plan benefits the company by ensuring new employees get started on the right foot. However, aside from filling out important payroll documents and enrolling in online training courses, the onboarding phase can positively influence a new hire when it emphasizes the importance of an LMS. Oftentimes, new employees are expected to go through training and begin work without learning the system on which training and correspondence takes place. For many companies, this is a … Continue Reading »

LMS Boosts Potential of Volunteer Nonprofits

LMS Boosts Potential of Volunteer Nonprofits

Numerous nonprofits are powered by volunteers. Oftentimes, volunteers seem like godsends to organizations that accomplish large missions on limited budgets. At the same time, volunteers create a lot of work for an organization. In fact, payroll is often impacted by the number of volunteers an organization takes on. After all, paid administrators are needed to conduct background checks, create correspondence and schedule volunteers. Ultimately, when organizations team up with volunteers, they need to be intentional about how to reap the benefits of donated time. One of the ways nonprofits are making the most out of volunteers is with learning management systems (LMSs). An LMS can streamline volunteer communication, scheduling and training. LMS for Volunteer Communication Social learning management systems are … Continue Reading »