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 Change Your LMS. Stop Paying User Fees.

No user fees 1

You are looking to the future needs of your learning program. You need the right systems in place to help you train the new hires coming onboard and you need to provide training the current staff needs. You need to show more results for your learning program investment with less budget dollars available. This is no easy task. Yet, many departments responsible for the training of employees are facing this very situation. Adding more ‘seats’ will add to the costs and the time it takes to make sure everyone has a license to access the legacy learning management system (LMS) consumes too much valuable time that should be spent elsewhere. In 2014, a study was conducted by Elearning! Media Group … Continue Reading »

First Goal of Onboarding: Learn the LMS

Onboarding Learn the LMS

What is your first goal of the onboarding process? For many employees, the onboarding process is the first phase of a happy, long career. In fact, an effective onboarding program could very well affect an employee’s long-term experience with the company. More so, an effective onboarding plan benefits the company by ensuring new employees get started on the right foot. However, aside from filling out important payroll documents and enrolling in online training courses, the onboarding phase can positively influence a new hire when it emphasizes the importance of an LMS. Oftentimes, new employees are expected to go through training and begin work without learning the system on which training and correspondence takes place. For many companies, this is a … Continue Reading »

LMS Boosts Potential of Volunteer Nonprofits

LMS Boosts Potential of Volunteer Nonprofits

Numerous nonprofits are powered by volunteers. Oftentimes, volunteers seem like godsends to organizations that accomplish large missions on limited budgets. At the same time, volunteers create a lot of work for an organization. In fact, payroll is often impacted by the number of volunteers an organization takes on. After all, paid administrators are needed to conduct background checks, create correspondence and schedule volunteers. Ultimately, when organizations team up with volunteers, they need to be intentional about how to reap the benefits of donated time. One of the ways nonprofits are making the most out of volunteers is with learning management systems (LMSs). An LMS can streamline volunteer communication, scheduling and training. LMS for Volunteer Communication Social learning management systems are … Continue Reading »

Quick and Easy Steps to Help Launch Your LMS

Quick and Easy Steps to Launch Your LMS

If you are ready to launch your learning management system (LMS), you have probably spent months researching technology, testing software, and preparing your business for the transition. Now it is time to put your plan into action; it’s time to launch your LMS. All too often, we get caught up in the process of choosing an LMS, forgetting about the steps it takes to ensure the company-wide system has a successful launch. Before making an LMS available to your team, read these quick and easy steps to help you launch it effectively: Get To Know The System Inside And Out Your months of research may deem you an expert on learning management systems, but how well do you know the … Continue Reading »

Coworkers Communicate with Social LMS

Coworkers Communicate with Social LMS

It is common to befriend colleagues. After all, when you spend 40 hours a week together, friendship seems inevitable. This is true today, just as it was decades ago. However, the definition of friendship has changed. Now, to claim someone as a friend, he or she needs to be part of your social media networks. In fact, some question a relationship if it is not “Facebook official.” Unfortunately, some offices ban social media communication at work. This begs the question: are these businesses attempting to ban workplace camaraderie? Working well on teams and having good rapport with colleagues is important to a worthwhile career. But implementing elements of new-age friendship (i.e. focused social media communication) can be beneficial, too. Actually, … Continue Reading »

Using an LMS to Promote and Sell Products

LMS to Promote and Sell Products

Many companies add onto existing product lines by releasing new products. However, a good number of these innovations fail to boost profits. Often times, selling a wide variety of products is a desperate attempt to stay afloat. If companies truly are selling more products than in the past, how come their profits are not rising? From a consumer’s perspective, it can be hard to see that retail costs and marketing expenses take up a large amount of company earnings. Other costs like manufacturing and transportation may hit the company hard, too. Thankfully, a company has the ability to take some of these tasks in-house. As a result, they may be able to increase profits without having to constantly churn out … Continue Reading »

Businesses use LMS to Balance Systems and Employees

business balance

Employees are not cogs in machines, but they can easily feel this way. There is an unspoken truth that divides businesses of all sizes: a business organization thrives on systematic processes while its employees desire to accomplish unique and purposeful tasks. The most successful businesses seem to find middle ground between systematic requirements and employee needs. A company can reach new heights of success by praising the contributions of hard working individuals and leveraging their work as fuel for the business system. Creating a work environment that respects the organizational system and promotes efforts of employees is a high priority for many businesses. Businesses that want to protect this balance seek tools that bring focus to work objectives while also … Continue Reading »

Can eLearning Refine Teamwork for the Digital Age?

eLearning teamwork

Teamwork was a popular buzzword in the 20th century. Unfortunately, 21st century technological advancements threaten teamwork by enabling people in industrialized countries to isolate themselves physically. Today, mobile devices allow people to connect and work together even when miles apart. While teamwork is often spoken about in business environments and school settings, it looks different than it did two decades ago. In the digital age when learning and working can be social while also being independent, it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of modern day teamwork. Teamwork is Quintessential to Business Success The act of working on a team has been known to expedite productivity and create high-quality business outcomes that lead to lasting results. In fact, successful event … Continue Reading »

LMS Affords Return on Investment for Small Business


A small business budget can be a powerful tool. When each dollar counts there is a decreased chance of frivolous spending and an increased opportunity to see return on investment. With fewer resources than large companies, successful small businesses tend to allocate spending to areas that matter most. For instance, eCommerce functions, communication networks, training options, and customizable marketing features are often viewed as high priorities. Some business owners try to secure these types of programs at low rates by using numerous “free” Websites. However, bundling these business tools into a single, reliable platform, like a learning management system (LMS), can save money and time. Ultimately, a small business that invests in an LMS may see large returns on its … Continue Reading »

LMS Communication Tools Connect Vendors and Retailers

LMS Communication Tools

The saying, “two is a party; three is a crowd,” doesn’t apply to business. Third-party relationships are normal in most businesses. In fact, a company is often the “middleman” under these circumstances. This is because the company provides the buyer with a product that is supplied by its vendor. When this scenario plays out, all parties win. Unfortunately, trouble ensues if something interrupts the system. One of the biggest disturbances a retail business can face is communication issues with its vendor. It is vital that the retailer and the product distributor work well together. Throughout the years, tools have been developed to aid these relationships. However, few prior solutions beat modern day cloud-based communication systems. Actually, several companies turn to … Continue Reading »